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CoolSemi's SGT MOSFET reduces RDS(ON) by using an ultra-deep trench design, resulting in lower conduction loss. Through using the shield gate to connect the source electrode, the Miller capacitance of the device can be effectively reduced, the switching speed of the device can be increased, and the power consumption of the system can be reduced.


CoolSemi's high voltage Super Junction MOSFET uses advanced Super Junction technology and optimized structural design to achieve extremely low specific on-state resistance (Rdson*A), effectively increasing the power density and efficiency of the power supply.


CoolSemi’s IGBT power devices use trench gate field-stop design to reduce thickness of epitaxial layer to achieve excellent Vcesat; Advanced process design reduces devices’ transient loss and increases power density and efficiency.


The Intelligent Power Module IPM developed by CoolSemi is equipped with self-developed high-performance power devices and highly matched drive HVIC, which integrates temperature detection and self-protection functions.


The significant advantages of CoolSemi's Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD) compared to Si Diode are higher blocking voltage, virtually zero reverse recovery , has better thermal stability, as well as reverse recovery characteristics that are not affected by temperature.


CoolSemi's Silicon Carbide MOSFET(Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) is based on the material properties of silicon carbide with lower transient loss and higher operating frequency, which is well suited for power electronics applications.


CoolSemi’s Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistor (GaN HEMT) device adopt pGaN structure with normally-off characteristics. Compared to the corresponding Si devices, it has an order of magnitude lower gate charge and output charge, which combined with almost zero reverse recovery charge, and can support simpler topologies and achieve higher system efficiency.


About Coolsemi

Supplier of High-end Power Semiconductor Devices.